How to Apply for Membership

To apply for membership to Beaver Hall Artists' Co-op, all applicants:


The following is the full application procedure for the co-op's housing waiting list:

Please check our Artist Membership Criteria to ensure that you meet our mandate.
If so...
1. Send an email to
Explain that you are a visual artist interested in applying to the co-op and would like your email address added to the announcement list for the next orientation session. If you are uncertain whether you meet the criteria, you are welcome to send a link to your website or your CV as an attachment. At this juncture, you may also apply to Housing Connections.

2. Attend our annual Orientation Session
A member of the Membership Committee will contact you (e-mail preferred) to invite you to an orientation session. You must attend in order to receive an application. Orientation sessions are held annually, usually in the fall/early winter.

3. Complete both Beaver Hall and Housing Connections application forms
You attend the orientation session, and at that time you will be given an application for the co-op and an application for Housing Connections. If you have already applied to Housing Connections you do not need to reapply. Complete both forms. Send the Housing Connections application to them or apply on-line, and supply to them the required supporting documents.

4. Mail application, $10.00 fee and Housing Connections number
Mail the co-operative our application including the application fee of $10.00 by cheque or money order, made payable to "Beaver Hall Artists' Co-op" along with your Housing Connections application number. NB: Your Beaver Hall application will not be processed until we receive a Housing Connections number from you.

5. Attend interview with Membership Committee
Once your application process is complete (letter of interest, application, application fee, Housing Connections number, contact information), someone from the Membership Committee will contact you for an interview. At that time you should bring documentation of your work (the interview email suggests media/quantity).

If you have been approved by the Membership Committee and the Board of Directors, we may perform a credit check, and a Confirmation of Applicant Eligibility will be sent to Housing Connections. At that time you will be put on our waiting list (map #750) with Housing Connections.

When a unit becomes available, it will be filled by completed application date order and according to the type of unit available. If the available unit is the type/size required for your household, you will be contacted. You are entitled to two refusals. After your third refusal you must reapply to Beaver Hall Artists' Co-op to be put back onto our waiting list. If you cannot be reached for confirmation, the unit will be offered to the next person on the list and you will be considered to have "refused" the unit.

If you have further questions regarding membership at Beaver Hall, please e-mail the Membership Committee at

IMAGE: Cozumel by Michael Alstad

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